• Pirate: Plunder
    30% chance to steal from a defeated unit

  • Pirate: Explorer
    Increased chance of a mystery room if unit is on the map when clearing a floor [stacks]

  • Pirate: Adventuring Spirit
    Gain one level per three floors cleared in Item World [doesn’t stack]

  • Sage: Magic Conversion
    Every 2% of remaining SP increases INT by 1%

  • Rabbit: Fatal Slash
    30% chance to deathblow if target has a lower SPD

  • Twin Dragon: Twin Heads
    Attack again if you don’t move

  • Nether Noble: Greedy Disposition
    Gain 3% in every stat per digit of HL owned [caps at 39%]

  • Felynn: Final Blow
    Attack again if target is at 10% health or less