Friday 28th February, 2020

Went into York and bought a new jacket (and drank a fancy beer), and that was about it for today. I’m so tired.

I found this article about simplifying the math of D&D 4e to streamline feats and proficiency bonuses. I really love 4e. I know a lot of people didn’t like it much, and said it “wasn’t D&D” (whatever that means), but I’m not one of them. It’s even seeing a little bit of a resurgence here and there, now that the new and shiny has worn off 5e a little.

I’m quite tempted create a new dev branch and have a go at porting some of it into BotLG. The powers system would work perfectly with the equipment abilities I have, and it would give me some more mechanical dials to fiddle with when adjusting combat. The main hurdle of course is that BotLG isn’t turn based, and it has no concept of an encounter. I’m still mulling over making it into a more traditionally roguelike turn-based game, but some players like seeing the goblins wander about (and I do too), and that might be straying a little far from my initial idea.

A quick-and-dirty approach would be to have each “bump” encapsulate one round of combat, with each participant performing a major action, and call an encounter, say, 4-6 bumps; that would let you re-use encounter powers on a cooldown system without me having to make combat a modal experience. It’s worth thinking about…

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