Monday 10th January, 2020

I’ve had a very productive day of coding today, most of which is covered in a post I published earlier and the changelog, so I’m not going to repeat myself here. Suffice it to say, dungeon generation is looking good, and I’m happy to have a few more recipes and skills implemented.

Instead I’m going to talk about some podcasts. I started the day by listening to the latest episode of Rule of Three, featuring Robert Webb on The Young Ones, which was excellent, as Rule of Three always is. I’m a bit of a comedy nerd; I enjoy seeing the nuts and bolts of why something funny works, and Rule of Three manages somehow to dissect the frog without killing it.

There’s also a new podcast I’m looking forward to diving into, Lore of Yore, which covers tales from old school gaming. It’s produced by Danny “Austerity” Nissenfeld, who is one half of the fascinating Titans of Text podcast, so I have high hopes. I’ll probably listen to that tomorrow.

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