I suppose my first impressions were “shit hole”…

…but Fleece said that’s what they were going for and I would say they nailed it.

Shay, Fleece and Pablo wander the backstreets of Rooksfoot, drinking their way through some of the rougher joints of Trebuchet Row. Shay tries his best to hold his drink while Fleece schmoozes with the crowd and listens for leads. Pablo excuses himself and goes to pray.

In hindsight, it’s possible getting drunk in the first tavern we came to wasn’t the best idea. I was never a great drinker, both Fleece and Pablo having a far greater capacity in that area. Unusual as I’ve always been a hardy type. Okay, so I woke up a few gold coins lighter thanks to that bloody harlot who cosied up next to me, and I’m not convinced Fleece didn’t lift a few more when I was smashed… but I’m also sure he prevented the greater part of our wealth from being pilfered. It helps if you were born in the city and have the contacts…

Shay had the bright idea of visiting the gaol in search of some hoods needing bail to bolster their numbers, but what’s really needed is a magic-user. There was that guy performing magical tricks on the ‘Row, but what we need is proper magic. Pablo knows some clerical magic, of course, “but what I know about casting you could write on the back of a tavern wench’s arse“, and if we’re going to really compete in the arena, boys, we need some magical backup.

The gaol was a bust. Plenty of thugs, but as I said to Fleece, we need to be picky. Gold will pay a bond, but it won’t buy loyalty. Not for long, any way. Then again, what we can’t afford is to drink away all our gold in the inns.

If the boys let me down I can always cut my losses. I won’t let them know I think I think they’re both okay; I think I need them more than they need me right now.

Shae, Fleece and Pablo are played by @hb239.

Bert’s Best Bites: The Frog & Bone Inn

The hardy — and hearty — halfling Bert Leiver provides this review of everyone’s favourite establishment, The Frog and Bone Inn. Bert is played by @Wailslake.

Walking into The Frog & Bone Inn will always bring a smile to your face. After a hard day in the arena nothing is better than being acknowledged, often by name, as you step through the doors.

“Oh look, it’s Bert!”

“What a surprise!”

“Him again!”

Overall the Frog & Bone is an excellent dining establishment, good atmosphere, lovely fires, varied company. The standard dish seems to be “stew” which is mostly meats, bones, veg &c. all thrown into a nice thick gravy. Usually very good but really depends on which of Myxile’s beasts have been fighting in the arena.

Occasionally they will offer a good piece of meat though it is often gone by the time tea rolls around. (Often that is because your, let’s face it, heroic reviewer needs to give the establishment a fair go).  Avoid the cakes at all cost, a very “chalky” and “rat poison” taste to the flour. Likewise I wouldn’t bother with the house ale, which often comes with additional “floaters”.

Monster Fly!

Spotted within the small ads of an infrequently-published gazette. The currency listed is charmingly incomprehensible, possibly belonging to a far-away colony. It is unclear if the Monster Fly is a mere model or an actual monstrous insect, but surely no-one would be foolish enough to order one to find out.

Hello world!

So this is the first post of the new Bones of the Lost God website. After much procrastination, hair-pulling and shirt-tugging, I’ve decided to make BotLG an all online proposition. While the physical zine was a beautiful thing, the time has come to be honest with myself: it just wasn’t getting written. I’m hoping that by moving online, I can create BotLG content a bit more regularly, and grow it into something unique and weird all of its own.

Much will still be the same: a focus on B/X style play, set in a weird fantasy city, with a grotesque arena fuelling the local economy with gold, blood and gossip. A retro, black-and-white photocopier pulp art aesthetic. Small businesses and local characters for flavour. A podcast, weird artwork, and my own words mixed with contributions from readers and players.

Let’s see where this goes.