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Bones of the Lost God is a combined play-by-mail and zine project. Players submit their actions by writing and sending post, and recieve the results in the following issue of the zine (which should mailed monthly) and occasionally by individual letters. It's slow paced, but each issue contains more than just one dice roll of content; the DMing style is old school and in broader strokes than single turns at a time.

The game is run using the Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion, though beyond character generation, players shouldn't have to worry about the rules too much.

The setting

Long ago, an Avatar of a great and terrible God was defeated in battle on the outskirts of our adopted city, Rooksfoot. Today, his decaying rib cage forms the outline of the magically-infused Arena, where combatants fight for gold and glory, for their own personal interest, or for the guilds and societies that take vested interest in the Arena and the city.

Rooksfoot is prosperous, thriving on the blood and avarice of the adventurers that come to test their mettle. Areas of most interest to adventurous sorts include The Frog and Bone Inn, the undisputed social hub for Arena heroes, Merchant's Gate, where all kinds of gear can be sourced, and Trebuchet Row, a seedy strip of drinking dens, unsavory businesses, and home to Myxile's Den, where folk flock to gamble and gossip.

Guilds and organisations

  • The Sisters of the Blue Star are pious folk who fight with a sense of honour and justice. They worship Anama, the goddess of stars and aether. In stark contrast, the Cult of Dirt and Dust is a group of death and decay; the arena bones are unholy relics to them.
  • The Stone-bloods are a veteran dwarven military unit turned arena mercenaries, stout and indomitable.
  • A long-standing chapter of knights, the Holy Order of Iron Blood have pledged to work for the impoverished and subjugated, but many believe they have strayed from their holy vows.
  • Local goblin kingpin Myxile runs Myxile's Menagerie, offering punters the chance to see combatants fight against wild and fantastic beasts sourced from all over the world.

How to play

First of all, get in touch with me on twitter at @rumorsmatrix and see if I have space for new players; if I do, I'll get you started and we'll swap postal addresses.

From there, just send me some post! Describe what you'd like to do, and what your intentions are. Please include your name (or twitter handle) plus your character names and your return address.

Some example actions to consider:

  • Request a battle in the arena. Combat will be worked out on your behalf, but tell me your tactics, add some RP on your grand entrance and fighting style, and if there's anything specific you want to attempt.
  • Post a message on the Frog and Bone notice board. Proclaim, exclaim, co-operate and collude.
  • Explore Rooksfoot. Find new people and places. Make contact with patrons and guilds. Go shopping, gambling or carousing.
  • Write some propaganda. Compose a poem. Draw a picture. In- and out- of character entries are welcome.
  • If you're a magic-user, remember to prepare spells; all players should remember their bookkeeping or I might make assumptions you don't agree with!

Character and party creation

There are two ways to get your characters into the world: either roll them up yourself, or provide me with a brief outline of what you'd like them to be like and I'll create something for you.

I'm accepting characters created with either the standard or AEC Labyrinth Lord books. For statistics, roll 3d6 in order, and optionally swap two attributes. All classes start with maximum hit points at level one. Magic users may select level-appropriate initial spells for their spellbook, plus they get Read Magic by default.

Players may have up to three characters each. You may retire a character (or arrange a glorious death, or banishment, or…) in order to create another, should you wish.

Character and party limits

When you start playing I am granting you to up to 3 levels, to be distributed amongst 3 characters at most. So you may have one character of up to level 3, or two characters of levels 2 and 1, or three characters each of level 1. You don't have to spend all 3 levels; if you want to start at level 1 and work your way up from the bottom, go for it (and much kudos to you).

For new characters, send me a character sheet for each of your characters. It doesn't have to be fancy. The sheet from the Labyrinth Lord books, notes on an index card, whatever works for you. Some background story, a doodle of their appearance, and whatever else you can think of would be nice, but you don't have to go overboard.

Bones of the Lost Pod

I'm producing an erratically-scheduled podcast where I ramble on about meta and out-of-character news. It's a spoiler-free look behind the DM screen, plus thoughts on writing and publishing the zine, and any other OSR/grognardy thoughts that happen to be on my mind.

Bones of the Lost Pod is hosted on Soundcloud:

Episode listing

  • Episode 1: In a very experimental episode one, I talk a little about how things are going so far, outline some thoughts for issue two and the future, then gush about your great feedback and support. I also say “umm” a bit too much and feel weird about talking out loud to myself.
  • Episode 2: In episode two I talk about lessons learned while writing issue two, the fiddly side of managing XP and gold (and why I don't care) and try to reassure everyone – and myself – that I'm still on schedule.
  • Episode 3: I'm back! Sixteen minutes of mumbling rambles on getting BotLG going again, and what I'm hoping to do differently this time around. Enjoy?
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