Thursday 20 June, 2024

A few things have conspired to make me look at my web presence again. I've been attempting to de-google my life a bit; leading me to start running my own email server, switching web browser, using a different third-party service to manage bookmarks, and so on. Recently I've got the itch to start blogging again, and Blaugust will be coming up soon. These things combined have me re-writing and re-designing my website with some of the IndieWeb principals in mind.

I started out looking at things like Wordpress, Tumblr, Ghost, and so on, but I realised that I miss having a truly personal space on the web. I'd rather have something handmade myself that's a bit janky and unfinished than yet another Wordpress install that I'm never 100% happy with.

I'm going slow and just implementing what I need, one step at a time. So far I have basic posts like this one implemented, using a Markdown/YAML backend, plus an RSS feed. I'm storing metadata for tags, but haven't built a way of browsing them yet. The front page isn't finished. There's a lot to do, but that's okay.

meta, blogging, indieweb


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