Introducing Tuixiu

Tuixiu, pandarian warrior-monk

Meet Tuixiu, my new World of Warcraft pandarian warrior, and the character I've been concentrating on most during the Pandaria Remix event.

I had a few goals in mind for this character. I wanted to play a pandarian, as I haven't any on my account already, and a Pandaria-themed limited time event seemed like the perfect opportunity. I also wanted to try out arms warrior, as I've never played the spec and only lightly played the warrior class in general. And finally; like a lot of my characters, I wanted to tie together some in-game achievements with some head-canon.

The Remix event has greatly sped up XP and reputation gains, so I thought I'd take the time to max out as many reputations as possible. Thus, my dear Tuixiu is imagined as an elderly panda, who fought for the August Celestials and then the Shado-Pan, before working for the Kirin Tor Offensive on the Isle of Thunder, before retiring after accepting citizenship in the Alliance.

Reputation progress

So far with Tuixiu I've reached Exhalted with Emperor Shaohao, the Golden Lotus, Operation: Shieldwall, Order of the Cloud Serpent, the Shado-Pan and the Shado-Pan Assault, and the Lorewalkers. I'm currently working on these three:

Kirin Tor Offensive Honored
Pearlfin Jinyu Revered
The August Celestials Honored

I'm trying to do all the available dailies as often as possible (which means nearly but not every day), then I'm handing all of my earned Lesser Charm of Good Fortune to the August Celestials. Once they're done, I'll switch to Kirin Tor Offensive as my handing-in point, then finally the Pearlfin.

Remix thoughts

I've really enjoyed Remix so far. I've unlocked a lot of transmog, a few mounts, and besides Tuixiu the warrior, I've also reached level cap on a hunter and a priest. The last time I really visited Pandaria was when I opened a new US Blizzard account to raid with <Waypoint>, and I basically levelled through dungeons and then ran group content with them; I've unlocked a lot of exploration and questing achievements on this revisit. Thanks, Eternus!

(And thanks, <Waypoint>, too. The guild is essentially dead today, but I still hang with the core of them in Slack every day, and my old raid heal-team leader was my best man at my wedding last year. Who would dare to say that Internet Friends aren't real?)

One thing I wasn't expecting -- I think I might make Tuixiu my main for War Within come August, when only a few weeks ago I was pretty convinced I'd be taking my dwarf paladin, Hoppipolla. We'll see how I feel in 58 days, when Remix wraps up!

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