Tuixiu update

Tuixiu, pandarian warrior-monk

Since last I wrote about my Warcraft progress on Tuixiu, I've reached Exalted with the August Celestials and hit revered with the Kirin Tor Offensive, which means my reputation to-do list currently looks like this:

Kirin Tor Offensive Revered
Pearlfin Jinyu Revered

So close. I managed to speed up August Celestial progress by camping a few spots where Zandalari Warbringers appear, and using the Stolen Celestial Insignia tokens they drop. No equivalent way to speed up the Kirin Tor Offensive grind (to my knowledge), so I'll just have to keep plugging away at the daily quests.

I have to admit I'm getting a bit burnt out on Pandaria dailies, so I'll be glad when these last few reps are done. I don't like the increasing feeling of playing because I should -- who know when it'll be as easy or convenient to max out everything Pandaria related -- but some nights I'd rather not. Maybe I'll take the evening off. There's still plenty of time before Remix ends.

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