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ZORK I: The Great Underground Empire

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of fun, exploratory programming, making little games and engines and example systems with an eye towards creating a persistent browser based game. I’ve experimented with using ROT.js to make a JavaScript roguelike engine using the command design pattern; written the barest of bones of a MUD and learned about websockets along the way; and most recently started on a Laravel project that I’m hoping is going to be the surviving incarnation of this browser game idea.

I’ve been thinking about starting a little research and development blog to go along with my programming efforts, so I posted a few questions to the always-helpful r/roguelike community, and Kyzrati (of Cogmind fame) posted this characteristically generous and informative reply; consider this brand-new WordPress install my response.

I’m going to be posting a mix of development notes, changelog discussions, thoughts on theorycrafting and design, procedural development, idle/incremental games, computer and tabletop RPGs, plus any links and asides that catch my eye. You can find me on twitter at @rumorsmatrix.