Questing and crafting

Two new things this week; quests and crafting.


When you enter a location containing an NPC who has something for you to do, you’re presented with a little message:

When you find the NPC, you can interact with them to see what quests they have available, and to hand in any you have completed for them in return for some rewards.

So far, the quests system can handle three different types of quests; all of which will be familiar to RPG players:

  • Kill a specified number of specific enemies
  • Acquire a specified number of items
  • Acquire a specified number of quest-specific items, which only drop while the quest is active

For the gathering items quests, those items can be from the result of performing a gathering skill, like fishing or logging, or looted from monsters. All quests can have multiple objectives. Quests can be one-off or repeatable, and can require the player to have completed previous quests before they become available, allowing me to chain them together to create a quest line.

Recipes and crafting

The second big thing of the week was adding in recipes and crafting. Characters can learn recipes from various items, which then enables them to do some crafting. At the moment that’s limited to cooking and woodworking, but there’s a few more production skills in the pipeline.

Once a character has learnt a recipe from a book or scroll, they can approach a crafting station — the campfire in the traveller’s camp to do cooking, for example — a little window pops up allowing the player to select a recipe and begin creating items.

Because BotLG has a strong gathering/crafting focus, I expect I’m going to be writing a lot of recipes in the next few weeks (and probably authoring a huge spreadsheet in an attempt to achieve some semblance of balance).

Miscellaneous other tweaks

I’ve also done a fair amount of smaller tweaks and improvements this week:

  • There’s now a little minimap that shows the surrounding area with interactable objects highlighted
  • Player characters and NPCs now have a configurable speed, so different monsters can move around at different rates; the player can also equip some boots of striding to boost their movement speed
  • Pop-up dialogue boxes now stack, so you can click an item referenced by a quest, for example, and keep your position
  • Side panels now remember if they’re open or closed between sessions
  • New reading, eating, and potion-quaffing actions; potions are automatically consumed in combat as required
  • Various CSS and JS tweaks

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