Friday 14th February, 2020

I’m back on my Vaporwave vs Outrun bullshit again (I’ve discussed ~aesthetics~ on this blog once before), thanks to Pinkas:

I don’t know why but the YouTube algorithm brought this vaporwave classic video back onto my home page, so of course I ended up watching it again. While I was watching, I made some notes on how it applied to BotLG. I set off on this project with the vague intention that it should look like a vaporwave product. I haven’t 100% succeeded, but I’m still still pretty happy with the way it looks.

While both vaporwave and outrun use a lot of neon colours, outrun tends to be darker, and vaporwave often lighter, with more pastels alongside the neon. In this regard, BotLG is definitely more outrun; this is the color palette I’m sticking with throughout:

Outrun is the idealisation of the future from the past. Vaporwave is the idealisation of the past from the future.


For everything else though, I’m pretty on track: fonts inspired by old technology plus classic serifed ones, and a chunky pixel art theme that harks back to the home computer movement of the late eighties and early nineties.

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