Monday 17th February, 2020

I’ve had a really great, productive day today. This morning I implemented account-wide storage, so players can keep items and money safe in chests — doing the money side of things was way more complicated than I expected, due to my dogged insistence on having copper, silver, gold instead of just one number. Obviously I only store one number in the background, but the UI had to allow for all the coins the player is used to seeing. It was a bit of a pain, but it’s working now.

Then this evening I did a bit of work on the procedurally generated dungeons. I want them to be the main focus of the game, really, so it’s worth investing the time in them. As usual, I was using the Rat King’s Lair as my development ground, and it’s looking pretty good now. It starts out as a dark, wet cave, with lots of mushrooms and water — with plenty of mushrooms for the player to harvest to make potions, and water to fish in for food — and then progresses into a more traditional rooms-based dungeon, with carved walls, but still with water and rubble, making it look run-down and badly constructed.

Because of the new, more damp and fungus-y environment, I added a new monster, the Sentient mushroom. It’s pretty easy to kill (about on par with a regular rat) and drops loot from the same pool as harvesting mushrooms. It also has some fantastic attack verbs. Splorp splorp splorp.

This only leaves account-wide progression through retirement left to do, and if I’m honest, I’m not sure it’s needed now that the game is more active and less idle; I’ve been having second thoughts about it for a few days now. I think I’m going to spend the next few days pushing out new content — there’s a great new starter map I’m working on — and see how I feel.

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