Sunday 23rd February, 2020

Some days I feel like I haven’t got so much to say here, but I hope the slow accumulation of posting everyday will eventual reveal deeper truths. Or something.

Pretty standard Sunday. Bacon and brie sandwich, episode of QI, and then watched Detective Pikachu on Amazon Prime, which was a much better film than it really had any right to be. It is quite possibly the best videogame adaptation film ever, though that’s really not saying much at all.

After that I wandered the Appalachian wasteland in Fallout 76 a little more. Still enjoying it, and still haven’t encountered any terrible bugs, though I did have a pack of rabid molerats invade my C.A.M.P. base despite my perimeter turret guns, which apparently do nothing.

Next week I’ll be back on the BotLG development, hopefully adding in a bunch of content; equipment items and corresponding recipes first. To be honest, now that all the heavily coding is (air quotes) done I feel a little deflated with it; but you can’t wait for inspiration to strike or it never will. You’ve just got to get on with things, whether you feel like it our not.

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