Saturday 8th February, 2020

Inspired by the prolific bloggers I admire, and my purchase today of The Developer’s Guide to Content Creation, I’ve decided to try and blog here a little more frequently. I’m going to be marking all of these posts as asides and putting them in their own category, to separate them a bit from the regular development-focused posts.

Now, of course, I’m a PHP/devops developer by trade, and my primary hobby is creating this web-based roguelike game, so I’m sure these posts will still contain a lot of development talk, but I’m also allowing myself the freedom to write on less tightly focused subjects, and perhaps even be a little more personal. I think often they’ll be about what I got done the previous day, much like Richard Herring’s long-running (and delightful) Warning Up.

Today I went to IKEA to pick up a few bits and pieces. I wanted a couple of things for my desk at my upcoming job (a new wireless charger for my phone, and a pot plant, primarily) and, of course, ended up buying far more than that. It’s impossible to leave that place without buying a whole range of unnecessary widgets that seem like a good idea at the time. I love IKEA. I’m a nester at heart.

When I got in I helped a friend with some WordPress configuration for her excellent art portfolio site, then ended up chatting with Simon about combat balance and a couple of bugs he’d discovered in BotLG; I added them to the list for Monday.

I ended the day by making a good start on a PHP script to generate (hopefully) balanced weapons. I have a rule that I don’t work on BotLG over the weekend, though naturally that will change once I start work again next month. But for right now, I’m so full of ideas and enthusiasm it feels like a shame not to capitalise them when I’m sat at my keyboard.

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