Tuesday 18th February, 2020

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I made almost no progress on BotLG today; I just couldn’t seem to settle on anything, and everything felt very unsatisfying.

I made a little progress on adding keyboard controls. So far everything is mouse-driven, so things work equally nicely on mobile. But when playing on a desktop machine, it would be really nice to be and to use the keyboard. I’ve got it so you can move around, and start and stop interactions, which is 90% of the game, but I need to go back to the pop-up/overlay system and make sure all the dialogue boxes can be controlled and navigated with the keyboard, too.

This afternoon — and let’s be honest, most of this evening, too — I ended up in a YouTube black hole of watching GDQ speedrun videos. I watched Doom (2016), the entire mainline Fallout series as a marathon, which was very impressive, and then a random-seed Minecraft run. I haven’t touched Minecraft in a while, but I think I’ll get it reinstalled; it’s always fun to noodle around in there for a while, and there’s so much content that’s been added since I last played.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a bit more productive. There’s dungeons to build, NPCs to write and new items to impotent. I want to get a “version 1.0” out by the end of next week.

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