Wednesday 12th February, 2020

Had a bit of a tough day today. I woke up late, felt rough, and for the first time in a while wondered if all the effort I’ve put into BotLG was worth it.

A merchant in his shop

I played around with the display of items, so now they have their icon next to their name wherever they appear, which looks good, and then made a shop interior location to house my newly coded merchants. I can configure the merchant NPC, plus the goods displayed alongside him, and the crafting station, so I can reuse the same basic map for multiple shops. I like it; it’s reminiscent of the shops in the early Final Fantasy games, and if it’s good enough for FF, it’s good enough for me.

From my checklist of mechanics to implement, there’s only account-wide storage and character retirement left to do, and then it’s all adding new content: locations, monsters, items, crafting recipes. I’m looking forward to that part. I want to completely reinvent the starting area, so players can get into a procedurally generated dungeon much quicker, and I can push the roguelike aspects heavier.

I hope it is worth it. I’m still quite proud of what I’ve made, and I think it looks pretty good for a browser-based game. I’ve spent a lot of time on it, but today at least, I can’t shake the feeling that the time might have been better spent.

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