Monday 9th February, 2020

Picture unrelated to current mental state, honest. It is a great movie, though.

Keen readers — I’m sure I must have at least one — will notice I didn’t post over the weekend, ending my daily run of, I don’t know, about a month. I kind of regret that now, but I felt like I really had nothing to say and zero enthusiasm to say it with.

I did the tiniest amount of work on BotLG tonight, just a quick redesign of the front page (which is still sat in the dev branch, so you can’t even see it). Now that I’m back at work full-time, I’m struggling to work on it once I get home, again. What I really need to do is resolve to do something every day, regardless of how tired I feel or how much I just want to flop onto the couch and watch Chef (my current TV obsession).

In other blog news, I’ve continued to work steadily through the archives of Jez Higgins’ blog during my commute. It’s really great, especially if you enjoy programming, gymnastics, cycling, and statistics about ice cream vans. Some of those things apply to me, for sure.

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